Thithi 2016 Kannada Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp Free

“Thithi” the Kannada movie is still in theaters. The film was released on 6 May 2016 about one and half month ago and it is still in screens. The film has received rating of 4.5 out of 5 from critics which is excellent rating. It has received 4 rating out of 5 from. Watch online or download full “Thithi” 2016 in high definition picture quality HD 3Gp Mp4.


Also the film has received good reviews from critics and audience. They liked the story line and direction of the film. Also the performance given by star cast is brilliant. The film has quite different concept. The film must have something good that is why it has received excellent rating and still running successfully on screens.

The film was released against big film like “24 The Film” despite that it has earned good money also. The film got fewer screens to release but it has collected a good amount. It has collected Rs 90 lacs on first day, Rs 72 lacs on second day, Rs 79 lacs on third day, 49 lacs on 4th day and 42 lacs on 5th day.

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The latest Kannada film “Thithi” is co-written and directed by Raam Reddy. The film was produced by Pratap Reddy and Sunmin Park under the banner of Prspctvs Productions and Maxmedia. The screenplay of the film is narrated by director and writter Raam Reddy and Eregowda. Raam Reddy also handled the editing along with John Zimmerman where as cinematography is handled by Doron Tempert.

The film stars Thammegowda s., Channegowda, Abhishek H. N. and Pooja S. M. in prominent roles. The film was released on 6 May 2016.


The story of the film is based on the reactions and feelings of people when an oldest person died, he was 101 years old. The film shows how three generations of sons react to the death of that person. What happened next were they sad or happy, what was their reaction and feelings to know this watch the film.

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