Shororipu 2016 Bengali Full Movie Download HD 3Gp Mp4

The latest Bengali film “Shororipu” 2016 got release on 17 June 2016. The film has got positive response as there is no other Bengali film releasing at the same time. Film will definitely go good business. The audience have rated the film 3.2* out of 5 overall. Watch online or download full “Shororipu” 2016 in high definition picture quality HD 3Gp Mp4.


Bengali language film Shororipu 2016 is a crime suspense thriller genre film. Ayon Chakroborty has written and directed first noir in Bengali language. This capture six national instincts of a normal man which overpower certain circumstances.

Chiranjeet Chakraborty and Rudranil Ghosh just talk about the human psyche which get humans into dark. French word noir which means black. Noir is a movie about crime, and the film is made by using dark shadows and lighting to show complicated moral of the subject title.

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Charanjeet Chakraborty, Indraneil Sengupta, Rudranil Ghosh and Sohana Saba is in a lead role in the film. Rajatava Dutta, Sudipta Chakraborty, Koneenica Banerjee, Rajesh Sharma and Sohini Sarkar in a supporting role. Charanjeet Chakraborty is appreciated for his performance in the film by audiences as well as critics.

Charanjeet Chakraborty is playing the role of detective who unravels the mystery of the murders. Rudranil’s role as a diamond tester in a renowned jewellery store has shades of unnaturalness which overtake him after office hours every day.


Story include six vices which include lust (Kam), anger (Krodh), greed (lobh), desire (matsarja) which is used everywhere in the society. When one want to full all these, and this is called oriental philosophy. This is a story of 5 murders which take place in city. The investigating team find those murderess form different areas.

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