Romeo & Radhika is the latest upcoming Gujarati film schedule to release on 15 July 2016. Newly release film directed by Siddharth Trivedi. Critic have rated the film 3* out of 5 where as user rating is 3.4* out of 5. Positive review by audience have motivated more audience to watch the new flick.


Vidhi Parikh, Tushar Sadhu, Hemang Dave, Shyam Nair is playing lead role in the film. Shahbaz Khan, Mushtaq Khan, Raj Premi, Javed Haider, Sharad Sharma, Sharad Vyas and Rup Divetiya is playing supporting role in the film. Crew of the film have given there best to create such a beautiful romantic love story.

Story of the film is written by Siddharth Trivedi (director). Vipul Sharma has written the screenplay of the film.


This is a story of a young boy Rahul who fall in live with his best friend Radhika. But problem arise when Radhika does not fall for him. Both complete collage, Radhika leaves the guy. Rahul is heartbroken and goes in search of her. Will they meet, will Radhika understand the love of Rahul or not.

Suresh M. Shah has produced the film under the banner of Nakoda Productions and Siddharth Trivedi Films. Vinay kapadia has compose the music of the film and Meraj Ali has edited the film.